Pipeline Jan 2022

  1. EUSOM is a single-arm multi-center trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of avasopasem in patients with HNC in Europe.
  2. Phase 2a trial in patients with lung cancer building on avasopasem safety and tolerability findings from SOM trials in patients with HNC.
  3. This first SBRT combination trial used GC4419 (avasopasem). Observations from this pilot trial have been used to guide development of rucosopasem manganese (GC4711) to assess anti-cancer efficacy in combination with SBRT.
  4. Trial to assess anti-cancer efficacy of SBRT +/- rucosopasem; subsequently, intend to assess anti-cancer efficacy of SBRT and checkpoint inhibitor +/- rucosopasem
SOM = severe oral mucositis
HNC = head and neck cancer
SBRT = stereotactic body radiation therapy
IMRT = intensity-modulated radiation therapy
NSCLC = non-small cell lung cancer


Investigational Drugs – Not for Commercial Distribution