Galera was founded in 2012 with the mission to develop and commercialize novel therapeutics that have the potential to transform radiotherapy in cancer. With patients as the driving force, we are pioneering a novel scientific approach to improve quality of life and outcomes for individuals with cancer receiving standard of care radiation treatment.

We have a pipeline of proprietary small molecules, which mimic the body’s natural dismutase enzymes, with the goal of protecting healthy cells from radiation and increasing the anti-cancer efficacy of treatment.

Our radioprotective dismutase mimetic, avasopasem manganese (avasopasem), is in late-stage development to reduce severe oral mucositis (SOM), a radiotherapy-induced toxicity, in patients receiving radiation treatment for head and neck cancer. Our anti-cancer dismutase mimetic, rucosopasem manganese (rucosopasem), is in clinical-stage development to augment the anti-cancer efficacy of radiation treatment for lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

"As a medical oncologist, one of the greatest satisfactions in life is to contribute to a therapy that reduces patient suffering and improves their quality of life. For over a decade, we at Galera have dedicated ourselves to developing a novel approach to transforming radiotherapy for patients with cancer. Our team is unwavering in our commitment to one critical goal: to improve patient care."


Mel Sorensen, MD

President and CEO of Galera

Together, our team is dedicated to transforming radiotherapy for patients with cancer